Saw you in two magazines over the last week!  You're everywhere!  You looked great in the article on sport horse handling and your advice was very good.  We were showing everyone and saying: Hey! He shows Eastie!

Thanks for making him look so good this year.  You make the sport Horse thing look soooooooo easy and you make him look so elegant.  We will definitely have you show him whenever you are in California, you can bet on that.

We wish you and your family all the best.  How lucky we feel to be working with you. 

Judy and Peter & Rosie Byrne

Dear Bruce and Staci,

Words could not begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to meet you and your family and very special, beautiful horses.  To think you took so much time on a busy Saturday to show us around and give us the experience of a lifetime!  The family back here still can't believe you let me hold the reins!!!!  Thank you again for all you did for us.  We will never forget that wonderful day.


Marge and Geoff

Staci and Bruce,

We really appreciate all of your hard work and your kind words and support.  

Watching you handle the horses is always such a pleasure - seeing two people at the pot of their game!

I look forward to many more years of shows with you and our horses.

Thanks again,

Jennifer and Winston

Dear Bruce & Staci,

Thank you again for such a great show!  Donnelly has only gotten better as he has gotten older, he will probably be sold this year so it will be our last show season with him.  Thank you for making it so successful.

Warm Regards,

Karen Morris

Dear Bruce and Staci,

Wow!  What a great show and fun weekend.  Bob and I were so impressed with the Griffin Sport Horses team, showmanship and sportsmanship.  Very Professional and impressive.

Bruce and Staci, Bob and I thank you immensely for working with our two boys!  We were so proud of Flame and Carl's teamwork in the ring.  You have done a wonderful job of laying the groundwork for Flame and Carl's partnership.  

Bruce, I am amazed that Flame entered and stayed in the coliseum.  I was so pleased with Flame's ground manners as well.  

Staci, I appreciate your encouraging Carl and praying with him before his classes.  Whenever two or more are gathered in the Lord's name, it is so meaningful and powerful.  Bob and I enjoyed meeting all of your clients.  Everyone was so welcoming!  The staff was great, and those that helped with Flame id a wonderful job.  We loved seeing the driving classes and Staci thank Leo for giving me the opportunity to have a nice carriage ride.  We hope you have been able to rest since the show.  Carl was tired but loved the show!  Thank you again for everything!  We'll hope to see you soon.

Best wishes always,

Susan, Bob & Carl Heath

Dearest Bruce and Staci & Family,

There are NO words to describe my love and admiration for all of you.  Because of you I have so many gifts in my life.  First of all You!  Second and just as important is the love and guidance of my horses.  You make this all possible.  I Thank You!

Beth Kornegay

                  Dear Bruce,

                  I really enjoyed watching your team in action at Lexington.  My son Aric and I thank you for taking time to speak                         with us during your busy morning.  

                 You were ver gracious to invite us to lunch with your group.  A very professional operation.  


                  Congrats on a great week.

                  Steve Bryant

Dear Bruce and Staci,

Thank you so very much for allowing Carl to share in the wonderful experience of showing with your team in Ohio.  He absolutely loved it and he learned so much.  Thank you for entrusting him with some of the horses and I'm glad he did a good job.  

We are looking forward to future events.

Thanks again.


Susan Heath

Bruce & Staci,

Thank you all so very much for the blessing you have been over the last 5 months.  You taught me so much about horses, goats, pigs, chickens, building...... the list goes on!  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work for you and live in your home with your family.  I hope the very best for you all & love you!

Ashley Dubbs

          Staci & Bruce,

          I hope you both know how thankful I am that I was a part of your team this year.  I really appreciate everything you all did             for me.  I hope that you both have a wonderful 2015 season ahead of you and great business.  

          God bless you and your family,

          Madison Wagner


You are such a gracious hostess. We had the most wonderful time.  I'm so glad we bet & when you told me we brought you joy it made me proud.

I can't wait until our next visit!

Warmest Regards!

Denice Barton

Dear Bruce & Staci,

Thank you and your exceptional team!

Gonda was presented beautifully at Keuring.      I treasure the day God blessed me with your friendship. 

Karen Aneiro

Bruce & Staci,

Thank you again for welcoming me into your home and providing the amazing opportunity to be a part of the GSH team!  It was so wonderful to meet you all - I feel as if I've known you much longer.  I learned so much in the short time I was there and I hope I will be able to make it back soon to learn more.  It was truly a privilege to watch you all in action and work with such a talented team and horses.  I hope you all have a wonderful fall and happy holidays!

Morgan McNiell

Thank you Staci, Bruce & Janae!

We had another great year with Tiana!  Looking forward to next year with Moira.  We also want to thank the whole GSH team for another job well done.  Hope to see you soon.

Brenda & Charley Roberts

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful week we spent with you!

Jeff & Carol Benson

Dearest Bruce,

It has been quite remarkable to see the change in Hemi since her has returned from your place.   He is so very well behaved, so mature and sweet.  He hardly ever sees ghosts anymore and everyone compliments his behavior.

I must try to find the words of gratitude and humility to thank you.  You clearly have a gift and I am so appreciative!


My  husband and I met you at the FPZV SPT in March with our horse Tzaro whom which just bought from Paula Marsh.  I found you on youtube and then I found your beautiful website.  Just wanted to say thank you for your help and that your presence was just stunning and how you worked so well with the horses.  I didn't know you trained as well.  

Thanks so much,
Janice Fecteau


               Thanks for the quick response. I really hope you can fit this one into your schedule. I truly think you two are the best at                  showing the potential of the each horse!

               Thanks again,

I just want to say that I have a huge admiration for your work and training program. I am new to the Friesians and the horses as a business and have started a small breeding facility in Lenoir North Carolina, Blue Honey Friesians. It is very new and I'm still working on the website

Thank you for your time and hope to meet you soon!

Melissa Guerra
FHASE Keuring Preparation Clinic - FL

Bruce, Staci and Family,

Thank you for everything you have done for Heartfelt Farms in the years. We are so grateful to have such a amazing family to work with and help our young horses advance the way they should! All of you have been so easy to work with and just a pleasure to be around! We are excited for the years to come and helping us promote our Royal Prince colt to the country! Thanks again for everything! 

Jackie Sharp 

                         Radiance COF

*USDF Reserve Champion Sport Horse BreedingTwo Year Old Filly 

* Reserve Champion with the American Hanoverian Society in the Older Fillies Group

Bruce definitely gets the absolute best possible performance out of the horses in the show ring.  His whole family gets involved. They are always dressed professionally and prepared to give 100%  in the show ring.  Without his help my horse would not have been USDF Reserve Champion in 2011.

Denise Rowe 
Thanks again for making a successful year possible!

Hello Bruce and Staci,

You were still very busy after Marie was all finished up yesterday and we did not want to bother you and we were so happy with how Marie did, we left with out saying thank-you. I did get a chance to talk with and thank your assistant for the fine job he did in the ring for us. My wife Betsy and thank you and Staci very much. I have had horses for about 48 years, but have only been a trail rider. My wife married into the horse thing. So, yesterday was a first for us showing a horse and we were just thrilled. I am very happy Miss Wendy wanted to use your team.spooky like Marie so would make a fine trail horse for me.  You guys were just terrific all day long!

Best to You and Your Family,
Randy and Betsy Waldheim

Dear Staci and Bruce,

Wow, what a delightful surprise it was to meet you both!  Thank you so much for sharing your talents and allowing Paige to spend time with you all ~ a very memorable experience indeed.

Congratulations again on all your successes.

Brenda Rendina-Lilly

Hello Bruce/Staci,
Thank you again for running Bacardi for as at the keuring. 
You guys did a wonderful job.   Hope you had a safe trip home.
Thanks a lot

 Kassandra Young

Hello Bruce and Staci!

I went to the clinic to learn from others, to hear about others, and to listen what people have to say about Romke. And to give Romke an experience with trailer/different environment. I came back with more tumbling around in my head then I ever expected. Thank you so much, and again; great that Tom was there, that was a great 'extra'.

Thank you guys! I really appreciate your offer to ask questions, and being so supportive and giving advice, etc. I had a great day Saturday. Good luck with everything!

Talk to you later!
Wendy Klazenga

It was terrific meeting you both last weekend at FHASE meeting.  You are an incredible team!   

Deb Corson in Chattanooga

Dear Bruce,
Thank you again for your handling of Shirefox Seville! 



Hi Guys,
I want to thank you both for all of your work with my horses.  You have done a super job.  Abacus is mannerly and a pleasure to handle every day.

When I need horses handled in hand, I will always remain loyal to you guys.  I think you are wonderful, with horses, and people!

Best regards,

Anne Schmidt
Tam Farm Dressage

Abacus -KWPN - ISR Oldenburg approved Stallion-owned by Anne Schmidt of Tam Farm

It is always a blast when you two come down.  It's like we are all ole buddies just helping each other.  I feel the clinic was just right. Many have written me and thanked me.  Merilee and friend are using your hints and flexing exercises and feel they are seeing amazing changes.  That's what I want, Friesian owners who know what their horses needs are and how to meet them!  You two know how to help each one along.

Great time, great friends, be healthy and stay happy!

Much love,

Bobbi Fenderson

Hi Debbie (and Mary!!)-- glad you like the pictures.  Joanna did a great job, and is so proud-- there's a whole disc full, and I don't think there's a bad shot in the lot. Finally got Nemo to his ISR/Old NA inspection yesterday and it turned out pretty well--- but definitely grounds for a fun day!
It was disappointing that Bruce couldn't show my boy at Raleigh, but the training he gave us really paid off--  I will have to email him thanks (and maybe send pics), too.    Nemo was inspected while the branding of foals was going on, and behaved beautifully despite considerable commotion.  I also received high praise for the job I did with him:D  Bruce is the greatest!

Yrs.,  Marianne

By way of thank you, I'm sending you a copy of an email I sent out this morning re:  yesterday's inspection and my gratitude for the job you did with me and my colt at Raleigh.
Also:  I did take Staci's advice to practice with Nemo at a schooling show before the inspection.  The attached photo was taken last week at a local CT.

Thanks again.
Yrs., Marianne Wegner

Hello Everyone! Just had to share some pictures
of our first family riding day! Kevin is a VERY
happy man with his girl Pietsje who he just got back
home yesterday. (March 2, 2008) A huge "Thank You" to
Bruce and Staci Griffin for the fabulous job they have
done with her. She looks super. Kevin did great with 
her today! It's amazing how good a Friesian looks
in a western It inspired Brielle and
I to get on Luke and Bummy. Looking forward to many more. 

Christine, Kevin & Brielle 

Hi Bruce and Staci,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professional handling services. Memeltanz and Maddalena have made a impression in the Trakehner world because of you. I look forward to their future in performance and will always welcome your professional guideness and evaluation or them. Both stallion owns were thrilled on their stallion's offspring performance at the July show. You both truly have a talent for bringing the best out of these wonderful horses

Best Regards,
Connie West

Bruce and Staci brought out the best in my (then) yearling Riley. Not only did he "shine" on the triangle, but judges commented on his nice expression and manners. I attribute this to tactful and sensitive handling. Thanks guys!

Stacey Kimmel

Bruce worked with our guy, "Red" for 2 shows in 2006. Despite our lack of knowledge of DSHB (we do Hunter Breeding), Bruce gave us every consideration, and was readily available to work with us. As a 5'4" owner of a 15.2+ Art Deco 2 yr old, I was struggling to maintain the upper hand. Bruce showed me how to turn things around; in less than 10 weeks, I was able to show "Red" in Amatuer-Handler at DAD and place (5th) in good competition with a competitive score. Bruce followed that up with an outstanding run for Red's IBC class, where Red finished 2nd. Bruce had to run to catch his plane before the class ended, but I now had the confidence and control to take Red out under the lights to receive our ribbon - What a fantastic experience for us, courtesy Griffin Sporthorses!

Joanne MacDonald

Bruce and Staci Griffin have done a wonderful job handling my horses over the years. Their professionalism and love of horses shine through in everything that they do. They did an exceptional job handling my stallion Manu Forti's Sea Hawk (Winston) at the 2007 Irish Draught Horse Society of North America stallion inspections which culminated in Winston passing with flying colors. I could not be more appreciative of their hard work and dedication. Getting to watch Bruce and Staci handle my horse and many others at our national Irish Draught show was truly inspiring. 
Jennifer Dunlap

Bruce handling Winston at the IDHSNA show.

Reply from GSH ~ We would like to thank Jennifer Dunlap, DVM and her wonderfully supportive family for the opportunity to handle "Winston." Congratulations on your success! You all deserve it!

Hi Bruce and Staci,

I thought you would enjoy this photo from Devon that Arielle took.  Thanks for everything!

Lou Rascoe
Longview Farm

Home of Stibby-Me (shown under Sweet Rock Solid)

I would like to thank Bruce and Staci Griffin for their outstanding care, training, and showing of my horses. We had great success in 2007 with both High Fashion and Saracchi and we could not be more pleased. 
I sent them two super green and talented youngsters and was returned two successful super talents with outstanding show records! 

-Katherine Flint ~ Heritage Stables LLC

Image by Stacy Lynn Photography

Garden Valley Elementary ~ February 4th, 2008

Thank you and Bruce so much for visiting our school.  Our students were very impressed with Bruce and his amazing horses.  They want to keep in touch with him throughout the year and learn more about his business and his animals.

We really appreciate your time, and we look forward to keeping in touch with you.

Thank you so much,
Kathryn Baca

Dear Staci and Bruce,

I am writing to wish you a happy new year and to let you know that the two mares you handled for us did extremely well in the year-end awards. Stedinger's Lady was the National Champion for the 3y.o GOV division and third of all 3y.o. fillies for the USDF DSHB standings. What Fun WMF was in the top 20 for Mature Maiden mares and Hanoverian mares. 
Thank you for all of your help this year! I have attached a picture of Bruce and "Gordita" (Stedinger's Lady) from Devon which I think is just gorgeous.   
Excellent handling skills--you guys are amazing. Good luck in 2009, and thank you for everything.   

Best, Allison             

We are looking forward to seeing you guys at KDA.
 Take care, 
Rob, Jan, and Holly, the big white, now Champion, mare!

Thank you for a great year in 2008!

Hey Bruce and Staci,  Hope all is well with the Griffin household!  

Just wanted to let you know about the call we got yesterday. Our Holly, (aka Granite's Rhapsody, RID)  is the IDHSNA Level 2 (2 yr and up) In Hand Champion for 2008!  The award is based on total 2008 in hand points. We are quite excited (Rob and I that is, Holly is more excited by warm beet pulp and hay!)  

Bruce & Staci,

Just wanted to thank you again for a great show!  We are still on cloud nine!  And again,  we are VERY pleased with Tiana's progress and very pleased with you two as her trainers! Looking forward to seeing you all in another mo.  I'm thinking she'll have more control of those fancy feet of hers.  Wow! she IS a power house. Thanks again!

Brenda & Charley Roberts

Thank you for everything you did for us! I truly believe we would not be where we are today without Bruce, Staci and Griffin Sporthorses. Not only is your knowledge and talent incomparable, so is your honesty and integrity. We'll keep you posted on Siris' progress!

Thanks again,

Featured Article : A Cinderella story
A'Osiris - Owners Ray Bernier and Zenda Farrell

Tiana with owners Brenda & Charley Roberts and trainers Bruce and Staci Griffin at the OVFHA Ohio show 8/8/09. 3 year old Tiana's first time out! She won the walk-trot-canter Championship beating out the older horses.

​Bruce and Staci are the example to which we, horse owners and trainers alike should all aspire.  Their expertise with all breeds and riding disciplines, as well as with driving and in-hand work, is evidenced by their consistent success in the show arena.  We feel very fortunate to have this wonderful pair training and caring for our horses.  Their combined talent has been pivotal in our Friesian stallion excelling in competitions and out on the trails.   We owe his success completely to Bruce and Staci.  Our sincere thanks to you for the fantastic job you've done with Leopold.

​Susan Hooper and Carrie Blair 

One Pond Ranch

The only stallion in the USA in 2008 to be recommended for the FPZV Stallion Performance Testing!

IFSHA World Champion Friesian Stallion - FPZV Star Stallion - Eight time IFSHA Grand National Champion - Four time IFSHA Reserve National Champion 

Dear Bruce and Staci:

It was such a pleasure to meet you, and I am really so grateful that you decided to come to the Horse Center even though I was your only client - that was really very good of you.  And I don't have to tell you how thrilled I was with how you handled Willow, Bruce.  She and I agreed that we had both learned a lot on Sunday!  It really was a terrific experience for her.

Thanks again to both of you for making my day on Sunday!

Lesley Arnold

Staci and Bruce, I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you have done with Koop. In five short months you have turned Koop into such an athlete that he won several world and national chamionships at the IFSHA World and National Champion Horse Show Oct/Nov 2009 in Missouri. I am very proud of Koop and his accomplishments, 

Thank you so much, 
Bonnie Hall

Dear Bruce and Staci,

Thank you so much for handling our horses for us at the ATA Convention.  I am so glad that I finally got to meet Staci and your wonderful children.. If you get a chance, please check our website:  it has a few pictures from the convention.  Thought you might like to see them.

Thanks again,
Nancy Schmidt

We have now had Tick home for two weeks and I just had to write to let anyone who may be considering you for training know how pleased we are with him.  He has a phenomenal work ethic, willing, forward, and balanced, in his gaits, no indication EVER of resistance while under saddle.  His hot personality is now reserved for his free time in his paddock, his mind is where it needs to be when the tack goes on.

​I cannot express enough how thankful I am that we selected you for his training.  We are very grateful for all of the time and effort you put into our dream.

Thank you and God bless you and your family in all of your endeavors,
Jodi Penn (&Katherine)

Dear Bruce and Staci,

I just wanted to write  to thank you for starting my 10 year old daughter Katherine's yearling colt, Ticky  (Jejokat's Yushan).  As you are aware, we intend for him to race late this season, and at the end of his racing term he will become Katherine's three-day event project.  As we expressed, we were first and foremost concerned with his mental health and work ethic, as I'm sure you're aware of the many thoroughbreds that are ruined by rushing them in their training.  

I got to look at some of the keuring pictures today...Here are my personal favorites!  Bruce is so photogenic!!!
Thanks so much for your help :-)  Best of did a great job with him!

See You Soon!!

Laura Trumbower

Hi Bruce and Staci,

We so happy with all you have accomplish with Frankie.  I knew in my heart that if it could be done you could do it. It is awesome news.   We hope that all is well with all of you and with the horses.  It is always so nice to hear from you and know that you are concern about us and our horse Frankie.  We still cannot believe the phenomenal accomplishment that you performed on our horse.  Bringing a horse that had never been ridden at the end of March and turning him to an approved stallion for the BWP was unbelievable.  I know that the Belgian judges were extremely surprised to see his accomplishments especially since last year we did not do well.  I have told  many people about your program and your training.  It has been a pleasure knowing you and your family as well.  We share a lot of the same values.  I am looking forward next spring to bring Frankie back to you. Again many thanks for a job well done!

Marie Potts

Newly approved BWP NAD Stallion,

Frank Jay De L'Equipage!



A few years ago I approached the well known and respected horse trainer Bob Orton to ask if he would be able to present my then 2 year old colt. He said no, but handed me a business card of a professional whom he described ' as good as I am '.
I was impressed by this recommendation and contacted the individual - Bruce Griffin.  Filled with plenty of energy and a clear vision of how to train and present horses at their best, Bruce and his wife Staci exemplify top professionalism in our sport.

Bruce presented my colt Raison de Joie in-hand under a variety of international judges at Dressage at Devon - each time either becoming Champion ( incl. Young Horse Champion) or placing second. Bruce was instrumental in Raison de Joie's biggest success to-date - 2006 United States Dressage Federation's Three Year old Horse of the Year.

I have recommended Bruce to a number of my clients - each time he was able to present their horses far beyond their owners expectations - and he will be the only professional handler I personally will use and continue to recommend.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Elly Schobel

Hello Staci & Bruce.
It was nice to have met you at the Huntersville Keuring.  I was extremely impressed by both of you, your love for this incredible breed is abundantly visable to all who watch your poise and precision in all that you do. 
I will definitely consider hiring you when it comes time to train my 3 month old filly.  I hope you like the pictures my friend Karen of Friesian Fields took of you during the show. Not only did Karen introduce me to the breed, she drove 5 hours each way to be at the Keuring with me - she is a true class act like the both of you.

Be well I hope our paths cross again very soon.

Kevin Kurz
Making Memories Ranch 

Dear Mr. Griffin,

    My name's Lindsey and I met you at the Weirsdale Clinic at the Florida Carriage Museum. My mother was Leslie Burton and rode the blue roan in the clinic.  Blue has been improving rapidly since your clinic. Our trainer thought we had bought a new horse.


Dear Bruce and Staci,

Thank you so much for handling Bow Tie today. You guys were totally awesome and do not think that your working the crowd and judges went un-noticed.  Of course, I will refer you to whoever asks and keep you posted of the little bugger’s future.

Thanks again –it was lots of fun.
Anne McKay

As relative 'beginners' at showing our horses, we  enjoyed the 2-day show at the Ohio Valley Friesian Classic.  Even though it was hectic, at times, it was still a pleasurable experience.  We are truly blessed to be on the Griffin Sport Horse Team.  It was a good show for me to 'debut' my driving skills.   We were extremely happy that Tiana & I  were able to win two 2nd place ribbons in the Pleasure Driving Classes & qualified for the Championship classes!!  What a dream come true for us!  We are also extremely pleased that Bruce Griffin showed Tiana to capture Two First Place Ribbons in the Drive & Ride classes!!  What a great show, for us. We owe it all to Griffin Sport Horses, they are phenomenal trainers!

Brenda & Charley Roberts
River Bluff Farm

Thank you Bruce, for a job well done!! We look forward to working with you towards more championships in the future.
Rachel Ehrlich, owner
Greengate Farms LLC 
Stallions at Stud & Fine Sporthorses for sale.

Greengate Farm, established 1989, breeds Warmblood Sporthorses in New England . We organize and atttend registry inspections and show horses in hand on both the USDF DSHB and USEF hunter circuits. Greengate has won both USDF and USEF Breeder titles.

It has been our pleasure to work with Bruce Griffin at a variety of venues showing our horses in hand, including the NEDA USDF-DSHB finals and Dressage at Devon. Bruce Griffin is an honest, talented, and sincere handler of horses, as well as a great horseman in general. We have always been able to count on Bruce's peformance with our horses in the show ring.

Fantastic weekend!  Thanks to Bruce & Staci and their crew! Wow!  Great start to a new Show year!

Brenda & Charley

"We have been so fortunate to have had Bruce and Staci Griffin of Griffin Sport Horses handle our two champion Friesians stallions, Wyn de Pluum and Eeltsje F in competition.  The combination of our magnificent stallions and the intuitive knowledge Bruce and Staci seem to have when handling them in the ring has led us to our IFSHA World Championships and our Championship at Devon. They are professional, honest and so very hard working for their clients, you couldn't ask for more...And boy, do they know their stuff in the ring!  We look forward to a continued long and strong relationship with Griffin Sport Horses!"

Paula Marsh ~ Wyning Edge Friesians, LLC

2010 - The United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. (USEF) invited Bruce Griffin to be a special guest speaker on their "Power Star Panel" at their Youth Convention on January 16, 2010. This convention was held during the USEF Annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. The USEF Youth Council invited Bruce Griffin to represent Friesians and showing horses in hand. The Star Power Panel consists of high profile equestrian athletes representing breeds/disciplines who share their backgrounds, experiences and offer insight to the attendees on what has made them so successful. Congratulations on this outstanding honor Bruce!

ATA Newsletter ~ December 2009 ~ Letter from the President

(This is a portion of the Newsletter)

​​....But I must say, after personally seeing thousands of warmblood horses handled by hundreds of people over the last three decades, I believe that Bruce Griffin from Gretna, VA, is today the best horse handler in the world. He is gifted and has a magical touch with a horse. To me, he is simply poetry with a horse in hand and that is why he was invited to Europe to handle stallions for the huge “Hengstenkeurings” in Holland, the first American to be invited to do so. He personally met Holland’s Queen Beatrix on his first trip and received a token from her....

....What most people might miss in the handling process is the role of Bruce’s wife and assistant, Staci. An accomplished horsewoman and rider since age two, this young lady is also a master in her role....

​For More of the Article Click Here

Hi Bruce and Staci,

I wanted to say thank you for a great job at the Raleigh Breed Show and send you a photo of Radiance COF.   The horse and Bruce look great.    Thanks again. 

Denise Rowe

I'm sure people send you pictures all the time but I just couldn't resist.  It was fun to get to be there with you all, you make our breed so special. 

                            Thanks, Ginger Bevan
                       2011 FHANA Friesian Keuring

Hi Staci,
It was great seeing you both at the show! Thanks again for doing such a great job with Della and Denali!   Della was really rocking in the Liberty....lots of great shots.

See you next year,

M. Diane Caldemeyer-Reid
Faraway Farms, Inc.
Wise River, MT 

Dear Staci and Bruce,
Attached here is a gorgeous picture of Bruce running Gordita in the slop at Devon. Your terrific work with her there earned her USDF GOV DSHB mature mare of the year. Thank you so much for all of your help! As usual, you were consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with, as evidenced by your great work with our 3 year old awkward duckling, Daquiri, as well. 
See you next year!
Allison Kavey and Andrea Woodner

Tiana did so well!  No problems at all,  she acted like it was just another work out.  Bruce & Staci you all did such a wonderful job training Tia.  You've made so many of my/our dreams come true.  I'm so proud of Tiana and also of you two as her trainers!  We could not of asked for any better horse or trainers.  I want to say THANK YOU! again from the bottom of my heart.  And yes, I still have a very big smile on my face!  Just look at her!
Thank you,
Brenda & Charley Roberts

“I wanted to show my Dutch Warmblood youngster in some breed shows myself but did not have any experience doing so.  I contacted Bruce and Staci to schedule a lesson the evening before my classes at one show and it was extremely beneficial.   They worked with me on how to handle him in the class, taught me techniques that would present him to the best of his abilities and gave me the confidence I needed to do it .  And the support did not end with the lesson that night!  The next day at the show, they gave me more advice and had such a positive attitude, I really felt they were “rooting for me”.  Most people do use Bruce and Staci to handle their horses for them (to great success) but if you want the experience of doing it yourself, they are available to help you there too. “
                                        -Charlene Saunders and Django

"I sent my WB colt, Nemo, to the Griffins to start under saddle and
could not be more pleased.  After the first week, I received from Nemo
a video message (from Nemo) showing him pulling a sledge and saying
"I'm being a good boy at boot camp!"  Now that Nemo is home, I find
myself thinking about that message + the Army recruitment ad "be all
that you can be... join the army."  I sent the Griffins a big,
distractible baby goofball , and he came home a much matured young
horse ready to do and become pretty much anything I wish to ask.
Thank you, Griffins, not only for doing such a great job with my
horse, but also being such a wonderful family to visit.  (Wish I could
have sent you my children to train, too!)"

Yrs.,  Marianne Wegner,  Tunnel's End Farm, NC

Bruce and Staci have shown an incredible amount of talent and professionalism in every aspect of my experiences with them. It is a true joy to see them work so well with the horses and a great pleasure to be a part of their team. My filly Rememberance R showed beautifully at Dressage at Devon under their handling. I could not have been more impressed by the care they show for both horses and their owners; they truly want success for each and every client. It is not easy for a small breeder to become part of the show world, but for me, Bruce and Staci made it possible. Truly a gifted couple, and the only handlers that will work with my horses. 
                                                                                       Sincerely,  Elizabeth Schneider

We would like to thank everyone for all the kind words. We are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to touch people's lives in a positive way.