We are available for school visits to give motivational talks and presentations

If you are interested in building a stronger partnership, along with clinics, we also provide handling lessons and schooling for you and your horse.

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If you are searching for that perfect Equine companion, needing advice on breeding, or are experiencing training issues, do not hesitate to contact us about our rates for consultation services.


Over 50 years of combined knowledge and handling skills are the foundation for our handling services. Breed Inspections, National Championships, or Class A shows, if you want your horse presented by a professional team, please contact us.

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Professional Handling

A big part of our successful training program has been the ability to “cross-train” our horses. Having grown up with intelligent, hot-blooded horses who get bored easily, it has become a part of our program to diversify workouts to maintain an interested and healthy mind in our horses, young and old alike.Riding, driving, light free jumping, and trail workouts have proven to be a recipe for success. By focusing on keeping the horse stimulated, we have found that the end result is a well rounded individual that is more eager to please.            

Starting Young Horses -Under Saddle and Driving

We believe strongly in allowing your horse to “tell us” what they would like to do and “show us” what they are capable of doing. It is important to assess the disposition and physical makeup of your equine friend and use that knowledge to help them achieve success in the area that is most suitable. We are one of the few versatile training centers that has attained top honors in multiple disciplines.

We have had numerous winners in: 
                 Dressage -Suitability
                 Dressage Sport Horses In Hand

                 Western Dressage
                 Saddle Seat  and Country English Pleasure    
                 Hunter Pleasure
                 Western Pleasure
                 Carriage Pleasure Driving
                 Show Pleasure Driving
                 Fine Harness


Training - Multi Discipline

As a breeder or owner, you know how important it is for your young horses to be prepared properly for their special day in front of the Inspectors. A balanced approach to mind/body development is crucial to keep your horse stimulated and eager to perform to his potential. Training is not just for that special day, but for a lifetime.

Inspection/Keuring Preparation

Now is the time to plan for your horse's future. Ensure that your horse achieves his/her potential. We are devoted to building Champions who maintain their friendly disposition. We have an immense record of success in the highest levels both nationally and internationally. For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us.

"Preparing your Champion...... One step at a time"

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