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Article from "The Friesian" October/November 2007 Covering GSH Clinics from summer 2007

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Comments for the Mid Atlantic Friesian Club Clinic  - Virginia

Hello Bruce and Staci!

I went to the clinic to learn from others, to hear about others, and to listen what people had to say about Romke. I also wanted to give Romke an experience with trailer/different environment. I came back with more tumbling around in my head then I ever expected. Thank you so much, and again, great that Tom was there, that was a great 'extra'.

Thank you guys! I really appreciate your offer to ask questions, and being so supportive and giving advice, etc. I had a great day Saturday. Good luck with everything!

Talk to you later!

Wendy Klazenga

Hi, Staci and Bruce. 

My name is Gloria Sipe.  I met you at the keuring clinic in VA on May 3rd.  I was with Gail Aumiller. 

First I want to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you both, and your friend Thomas; and how informative the clinic was.

Thank you for your expertise and your time.

Future Event Horse Symposium - The Fork, North Carolina

I asked the question about the horse having his far hind leg too far under him.

This is a casual photo of my new 2 year old. Oldenburg breeding, RPSI registered ( purchased in Feb, 2008) 

I enjoyed your Clinic very much. 

Susan Funk,
Bedford, Va

Comments for the Virginia Tech University Clinic -Virginia

Hello Bruce and Staci,

First, let me thank you for such great information at the April clinic at Virginia Tech. Being new to breeding and breeding shows and presentations, it gave me a lot to think about. I spoke to you briefly during the lunch hour out in the lobby and introduced myself as being from Northern Virginia and having a young filly….

Anyway, I was so excited about all the techniques you had shown us that I went home that afternoon and started working with my filly immediately that night!

Emmi Holmes

Hi Bruce and Staci,
    Thank you again for such a wonderful clinic! The students and auditors found it quite educational and rewarding and I have heard nothing but positive comments. I was very impressed with the material and how it was covered. Your passion for education, especially with young people, is very obvious! I think we had a good turnout for such a specialized clinic and in turn hope you were pleased with the auditors and participants. 
All the best,
Dr. Rebecca Splan

I would like to thank you for sharing your expertise yesterday.  You did make your subject fun to watch and to be a participant.  In all honesty, I had not planned on attending the entire program because one of my horses was being shown at Green Hill Park Equestrian Center in Roanoke.  I wanted to see her go as she is coming back from an injury.  Instead I decided to stay. 

All the best
Bob Whitehurst
SWVADA Treasurer and Licensed Show Secretary

Bruce and Staci,  I want to thank you for the privilege of attending your clinic at VA Tech.  It was so enlightening.  You guys seem to work so well together.  Your explanations of the techniques were great.  I feel confident I will be able to use your methods with my horses to our benefit (horses and me).  After being allowed to visit your farm, seeing your horses and the videos of your performances, it was such a pleasure to watch your talent at work in person.  I didn't get to thank you in person after the clinic so I thought I would send you an email.  Once again, thank you so much for the knowledge you guys shared.  It was great.  If you ever need any volunteer help at your farm, please let me know, I would be glad to volunteer on my days off.

Cindy Sours
Callaway, VA 

Many have written me and thanked me.  Merilee and friend are using your hints and flexing exercises and feel they are seeing amazing changes.  That's what I want, Friesian owners who know what their horses needs are and how to meet them!  You two know how to help each one along.

Great time, great friends!

Much love,
Bobbi ~ Imperial Oaks Friesians

It is always a blast when you two come down.  It's like we are all ole buddies just helping each other where needed.
I feel the clinic was just right. Jorrit for herself.  If nothing at all else was accomplished, that made it all worth it. 

Hi Staci and Bruce,

Hope you made it back to Virginia alright!  Thanks again for the great clinic - it's always a pleasure having you guys here.   

Stay in touch,

Nadine Kothe
Royal Friesians

Howdy Staci-  

Thank you to both you and Bruce for a great clinic again this year.  You instilled confidence and gave me a real boost in the right direction.  I'm in awe that you show interest in my backyard horses. Sure do wish you were close enough for me to take regular lessons.

Sign me up for next year (or any other time you can make it to Florida)! 

Tina Laferriere ~ Monarch Farm

Comments for the FHASE - Friesian Horse Association South East - Florida

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