All of our percentage does have been sold.  Congratulations to Chet in Ohio!

For Sale - GSG - 008 (Lily)

Sire: MGF-G31 (Isaac)
Dam: ITG APONI (ITG A-16) 
DOB:  4/3/2007

​PI Registration Pending

Percentage Does

For Sale - GSG - 002 (BethAnne)

Sire:  MGF-156 (Abraham)

Dam:  ITG Lenmana (ITG A-32)

DOB: 3/7/2015

​PI Registration Pending

For Sale - GSG - 001 (Bunny) 

Sire:  MGF-156 (Abraham)

Dam: ITG Lenmana (ITG A-32)

DOB: 3/7/2015

PI Registration Pending

Fullblood Prospects

For Sale - ITG LENMANA (ITG A-32)  

Hopi language meaning “Flute Girl”

SIRE: MGF Comanche
DAM: ITG Atlas' Maia (X-19)
WWSGA Registration # - DF0001021
NASA Registration # - DF 805

PI Registration # - 17667 SV

For Sale - ITG APONI (ITG A-16) 

Name means “Butterfly”

SIRE: MGF Comanche
DAM: ITG Atlas' Taygeta (ITG X-21)
DOB 4/16/2013

WWSGA Registration # - DF0001021
NASA Registration # -  DF 802

​PI Registration # - 17665 SV

Fullblood Does

Savanna Does